Freight Vehicles Securing the Journey with Newly Launched Driver Buddy Defence System

28th February 2019, East Sussex based AET INT Ltd today announces the full launch of the Driver Buddy DefenceTM Vehicle Security (DBS) System. The robust system designed to protect, detect and deter clandestine and organised crime targeted at commercial freight vehicles incorporates the Driver Buddy DefenceTM Device which, using integrated sensor technologies detects clandestine or unauthorised interference within the semi- trailer.

The system incorporates the Driver Buddy DefenceTM App. An easy to use App that allows commercial freight drivers and companies to protect themselves from clandestine entry into vehicles. It formalises the regulatory check list requirement, using time, date and GPS stamped photography, to protect drivers and freight operators from ever increasing fines. The Driver Buddy DefenceTM Seal works in tandem with the App and Device, providing physical protection for freight.

The Driver Buddy DefenceTM e-Lock is a new system enhancement that provides added physical security to the trailer combined with real time GPS tracking and remote locking options, further deterring attempts to access trailers and providing notifications if any unauthorised attempts to open the trailer are made.  

Barry Southon, AET INT Ltd, CEO said “the DBS System has been through over two years of rigorous research, development and testing processes. We are delighted with the results, in particular, the significant enhancements in scope and capabilities, the quality and ease of use, all of which has been achieved while ensuring the system is cost effective and delivers for our customers.”

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AET INT Operations Director – Gareth Baker

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