Predicted Brexit border delays could make valuable freight and drivers a sitting duck


If the concerns over border delays following BREXIT become a reality, the risk of freight contamination, freight theft and civil penalties from clandestines will increase exponentially.

Currently, seeing groups of migrants attempting to onboard vehicles while queuing to cross borders is common place, add into the mix extensive delays at borders and migrants will have all the time in the world to pick and choose the most vulnerable of vehicles.

As an operator, how can you provide reassurance to your customers whose freight is at risk of contamination and to your drivers whose own well being is under threat? As experts in vehicle security with 30 years of addressing illegal immigration we are sharing our top tips to greater security.

Step one. Increase driver awareness of security. Making sure security checks are completed regularly and properly is vital. The current paper checklist is too easily manipulated so as an employer we would recommend you support your drivers and audit their checks which can be done with a real time checklist app.

Step two. Increase visual security, between 60 – 80% of vehicles crossing borders have no form of security lock applied to the vehicle, making them an easy target for migrants wanting to catch a ride. Adding a robust, easy to identify, tamper proof lock will make people think twice before targeting you.  

Step three. Increase trailer security with real time alerts to drivers and operators should people attempt to board a trailer.   To discuss your concerns over freight and driver security please call 01323 749112 or email or visit

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