Driver Buddy Defence App is considered to exceed code of practice

The Driver Buddy Defence App when reviewed by UKBF was noted as meeting and exceeding the UK codes of practice. The App which is used by freight drivers to carry out their vehicle checks, encourages drivers to take security more seriously for both themselves and their cargo.  

With the App, drivers take photos of their vehicle checks which are stored in a sterile environment. The photos are date and time stamped with GPS location information attached to the file, thus giving drivers the ability to provide UKBF with independently verified evidence showing a complete history of the checks on the vehicle for the current journey.

As the files and history of checks cannot be manipulated the App ensures drivers abide by the code of practice and, when used correctly, protects drivers from any accusations of collusion in relation to clandestines.  

The App also provides freight operators with access to the photographic evidence and check information via the fleet admin portal to provide assurance that their drivers are following the code of practice and with that protection against penalties that would be directed to the organisation should a clandestine be discovered.  

The App was built in close alignment with both freight organisations and UKBF.

Driver safety – is your organisation considering all the options?

Driver safety has always been a consideration for fleet operators however since the chaotic scenes in Calais that filled our social media feeds and television screens a few years ago, organisations are pushing it further up the boardroom agenda. While the media coverage of issues in Calais, has dissipated recently the threats are still very much present and in fact have extended to other ports such as Dunkirk, Ostend, Zeebrugge, Dieppe, Cherbourg, Ouistreham.  

The problem frequently starts with some sort of road blockade, creating a traffic jam allowing those targeting freight vehicles for clandestine travel the time and opportunity they need to swarm and board unprotected vehicles, often bringing with it threatening behaviour towards any driver that attempts to intervene and frequently causing freight cargo to be contaminated and significantly devalued.   

So, can the discussions in the boardroom ever make a material difference to the driver, who up until now appears to have had to fight this battle on the border in isolation?

Measures to secure freight vehicles have been limited for some time to padlocks; deadlocks; plastic or tin security seals and door alarms, all of which while proactive and a step in the right direction for protecting freight don’t actually provide any protection for the driver.

The newly launched Driver Buddy Defence Vehicle Security System (DBS) combines freight security with driver safety by helping protect, detect and deter criminal activity targeted at freight and drivers. Whether drivers are stuck in a traffic jam or taking mandated breaks in their cab, with the DBS system in place drivers can literally rest assured that they will be alerted by the system if any attempts to board their trailer are made. If an attempt to board the trailer is made the driver can declare the intrusion at an appropriate time when they have relevant support and protection around them instead of confronting them unwittingly and in isolation.  

Furthermore, the system provides independent verification that the driver has completed all their necessary start checks through their journey proving compliance and certainties that the driver has done everything within their power to avoid clandestine or criminal activity, protecting them from the risk of fines and accusations of collusion.

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Predicted Brexit border delays could make valuable freight and drivers a sitting duck


If the concerns over border delays following BREXIT become a reality, the risk of freight contamination, freight theft and civil penalties from clandestines will increase exponentially.

Currently, seeing groups of migrants attempting to onboard vehicles while queuing to cross borders is common place, add into the mix extensive delays at borders and migrants will have all the time in the world to pick and choose the most vulnerable of vehicles.

As an operator, how can you provide reassurance to your customers whose freight is at risk of contamination and to your drivers whose own well being is under threat? As experts in vehicle security with 30 years of addressing illegal immigration we are sharing our top tips to greater security.

Step one. Increase driver awareness of security. Making sure security checks are completed regularly and properly is vital. The current paper checklist is too easily manipulated so as an employer we would recommend you support your drivers and audit their checks which can be done with a real time checklist app.

Step two. Increase visual security, between 60 – 80% of vehicles crossing borders have no form of security lock applied to the vehicle, making them an easy target for migrants wanting to catch a ride. Adding a robust, easy to identify, tamper proof lock will make people think twice before targeting you.  

Step three. Increase trailer security with real time alerts to drivers and operators should people attempt to board a trailer.   To discuss your concerns over freight and driver security please call 01323 749112 or email or visit

Freight Vehicles Securing the Journey with Newly Launched Driver Buddy Defence System

28th February 2019, East Sussex based AET INT Ltd today announces the full launch of the Driver Buddy DefenceTM Vehicle Security (DBS) System. The robust system designed to protect, detect and deter clandestine and organised crime targeted at commercial freight vehicles incorporates the Driver Buddy DefenceTM Device which, using integrated sensor technologies detects clandestine or unauthorised interference within the semi- trailer.

The system incorporates the Driver Buddy DefenceTM App. An easy to use App that allows commercial freight drivers and companies to protect themselves from clandestine entry into vehicles. It formalises the regulatory check list requirement, using time, date and GPS stamped photography, to protect drivers and freight operators from ever increasing fines. The Driver Buddy DefenceTM Seal works in tandem with the App and Device, providing physical protection for freight.

The Driver Buddy DefenceTM e-Lock is a new system enhancement that provides added physical security to the trailer combined with real time GPS tracking and remote locking options, further deterring attempts to access trailers and providing notifications if any unauthorised attempts to open the trailer are made.  

Barry Southon, AET INT Ltd, CEO said “the DBS System has been through over two years of rigorous research, development and testing processes. We are delighted with the results, in particular, the significant enhancements in scope and capabilities, the quality and ease of use, all of which has been achieved while ensuring the system is cost effective and delivers for our customers.”

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AET INT Operations Director – Gareth Baker

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