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Will this prevent a fine from the authorities?

The cameras and recording equipment will provide photographic evidence of incursion into your vehicle, which can be provided as evidence to aid a prosecution. The mere presence of the system on your vehicle is proof that you are doing what you can to prevent illegal immigration via your transport.

How robust is the equipment?

The cameras are tried and tested on the military front line, and the axle camera can withstand high pressure washing.

Does the Driver Buddy Prevent Entry to my Vehicle?

The Driver Buddy is a detection, not a prevention system.

How will the App stop me getting penalised from having illegals in my trailer (that I don't know about?)

(This is a situation that happens all too frequently and this particular driver lost thousands in penalties when three illegals showed up when he got to his destination in the UK). The answer is that the Driver Buddy System would tell you immediately that you have a breach of security in real time - nobody can get onto your vehicle without you knowing about it straightaway. The Driver Buddy App provides a secure record of recorded images that detail your pre start security checks all in line with the HM Immigration Act 2014 and it proves compliance on your part. The data is transmitted and secured to your personal ID and in the event of a breach it will be produced in defence. The very fact that you have the Driver Buddy operating on your vehicle is evidence that you are doing all you can to prevent clandestine entry of illegal migrants.

How do I stop being fined for Illegals in future and how expensive is the Driver Buddy?

The Driver Buddy protection App is the immediate hands on defence applied within your pre start procedure. As such The Driver Buddy System is the best front line detection available. The driver gets an immediate notification of a security breach and it will endorse a previously unconfirmed status in your defence. For an investment of less than four pounds per week against the enormous potential penalties, it is very good value for money.

How do I get the App on my phone?

The App is a free download App on your phone. You will need to activate the licence in line with the instructions and then you follow the pre-set procedure. Less than ninety seconds action from you and then all data is then transmitted to our secure server. So you have the solution in your hands. It proves your compliance and counters penalties.

How would the Driver Buddy work on a car transporter?

We have worked closely with and listened to a large number of your colleagues during the development stage of the Driver Buddy System. Both systems can be fully adapted to adjust to the environmental requirement of the transporter vehicle. Positioning of the IR cameras and motion detectors are crucial. We also appreciate that the best practice procedure you need to adhere to is an important factor which must be considered. The investment would pay dividends in no time at all, and far less stress for the driver. For finer details and application, please contact us.