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These are some of the questions we get asked most often about the system and devices. Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered here or if you wish to find out more about the system.

Does the DBS System prevent a civil penalty or fine from the authorities?

If used correctly, the DBS System provides the best possible defence from incurring a civil penalty/fine (£2000 each) from the UK Border Force (UKBF), in the event a clandestine entrant is found in your trailer. UKBF have stated that the DBS System is fully compliant with the code of practice and current legislation. It uses 3rd party secure photographic evidence as proof that you had an effective security system in place, used the system correctly and therefore had no reasonable grounds to suspect that a clandestine entrant was concealed in your vehicle.

How robust is the equipment?

The DBS System uses your own smart phone to record the external checks required and control the DBD Device inside the trailer. The DBD Device is designed to operate from -20 to +60 Degrees Celsius. It is made from a tough ABS plastic casing, designed to withstand the working environment of a freight trailer with reasonable care and attention. The DBD Device has a 12-month manufacturer warranty for component or manufacture defects, not caused by willful damage or negligent use.

Does the DBD System prevent entry into my vehicle?

The DBS System is designed to Protect, Detect and Deter criminal activity through enhanced physical security and detection using the DBS Security Seals and DBD Device, and increased driver security awareness through using the DBD App to conduct external checks. The DBS System does not prevent a determined criminal or clandestine from gaining entry to the trailer, but it will detect the entry and alert the driver.

How long does the battery in the DBD Device last?

The DBD Device battery life is dependent on the mode, extent and duration of its remote sensors use.  The DBD Device battery is designed to operate continuously using passive sensors for 48 hours in ambient conditions.   The DBD Device is also designed to be switched to stand-by mode remotely from the driver’s phone i.e when not required for internal checks or in periods of reduced security threat.  When using stand-by mode regularly, battery life is extended to approximately 100 hours.  The DBD Device sends the driver a low battery warning and is supplied with 2 x rechargeable lithium ion batteries, a mains charger and 12v adapter.

How do I get the App on my phone?

Both the DBD App and the Trip Defence App (to control the DBD Device) can be downloaded for free from either the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android phones.

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To activate the DBS System and the DBD App you will require an active subscription which is €120 (£110) per year or €11 (£10) per month.

Contact Us for more information on Subscriptions.

Can the elements of the DBS System be used independently or separately?

The DBS System consists of 4 key elements (DBD App, DBD Device, DBS Security Seal and DBS Database). Each element contributes to improved overall vehicle and freight security but it is all four elements together that provide the best possible Protection, Detection and Deterrence to all criminal activity.

The DBD App replaces the UKBF external paper vehicle security checklist and provides 3rd party assurance of the checks having been completed. Without the DBD Device or DBS Security Seals internal checks and physical security measures, such as a padlock, would still be required.

The DBD Device can be used to monitor the interior of a trailer and to conduct internal checks without entering the trailer, but without a DBD App subscription there would be no DBS Database to store the evidence, and therefore mitigate a civil penalty if a clandestine entrant was found.

The DBS Security Seal can be used to secure trailer doors or tilt cord with a unique serial number and one-time tamper proof design, but without the DBD App subscription, there is no evidence trail stored in the DBS Database to prevent civil penalties nor detect and deter organised criminal activity.

How much does the DBS System Cost?

The DBS system is a combination of a vehicle security service which includes the DBD App and DBS Database (€120 per year) and the DBD Device (€250 each).  The DBD Device includes the Trip Defence controlling App for free, 2 x remote motion sensors and 2 x rechargeable batteries and charger all with a 12-month warranty.  The DBS Security Seals are a one-time use consumable (€5 per 10 seals). Discounts are available for fleet solutions and bulk orders.

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