DBS System – Pricing Structure

There are 3 main components to the system pricing:

  • DriverBuddyDefenceTM App – Annual subscription €120 (£110) or €11 (£10) per month
  • Driver Buddy DeviceTM – one off purchase €250 (£227) ea
  • DBS Seal – consumable €5 (£4.50) per 10 seals
  • Additional Remote PIRs – Additional or replacement Remote PIRs €23 (£20.70) ea

Discounts are available for fleet solutions and bulk orders over 100 devices or subscriptions;

Please contact us to discuss the system or possible discount options.


DriverBuddyDefenceTM App

DBD App screen shots

This is an annual subscription of €120 (£110) or €11 (£10) per month.  The DBD App is downloaded for free from either the Apple App Store or Google Play and the DBD App subscription must be live for drivers to use the built in DBD App checklists and upload pre-start security check data, and hence evidence of completed checks, to the DBS Database.

Driver Buddy DeviceTM

DBD Device package

This is a one off purchase of €250 (£227) each, which includes the DBD Device, 2 x Remote PIR (motion sensors), 2 x Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, a charger and 12v adaptor.  The device controlling App (Trip Defence) is a free download from Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.


DBS  Seals

These are a one-time use, sequentially and uniquely QR coded tamper-proof seal that cost €5 (£4.50) per 10 seals.  The DBS Seal is read and recorded by the DBD App using the driver’s phone.    The DBS Seals are encoded with the fleet operators own designation embedded into the sequential code.  The minimum order number is 1000 seals and bulk discounts up to 20% are available as shown in the discount structure.

Additional Remote PIRs 

The DBD Device is provided with 2 x Remote PIRs as part of the DBD Device Package.  The DBD Device can link to a maximum of 8 x Remote PIRs which can be placed inside the semi-trailer to increase motion detection, account for cargo loading patterns and improve anti-theft detection.

Each additional or replacement Remote PIR is €23 (£20.70) ea.

Discounts are available for bulk orders over 25 x Remote PIRs.

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