DBS System

Each element of the DBS System contributes to the overall security of a freight vehicle, its driver and cargo.  When combined, it provides the most effective Protection, Detection and Deterrence to targeted criminal activity against freight vehicles and their cargo.


The DBD App quickly guides the driver through the static physical external checks that must be completed as part of their pre-start security checks, and records these in the DBS Database as unique “Trip Logs” via a mobile internet connection (3G/4G).

The data is stored securely on the driver’s phone, if a 3G/4G connection is not available, and can be used as proof of checks being completed if required.  The data is uploaded to the DBS Database once a mobile connection is re-established or using Wi-Fi.  The DBD App records all the relevant details including driver ID, vehicle details, date/time/location of checks and photographic evidence that the checks required have been completed which cannot be altered once saved.

The DBS System has been developed in liaison with UK Border Force (See Letter of Support) to ensure full compliance with current and likely future legislation and guidelines.  If used correctly, the DBD App checks replaces the current UKBF paper checklist, is quick and easy to use (on average saves 8 minutes per check) and provides the 3rd party assured evidence required to prevent civil penalties.The DBD App can be downloaded for free and requires an annual subscription of €120 (£110) per year to activate the DBS Service.The DBD App has an emergency call function which the driver can use to connect to the appropriate authorities if there is a security incident.

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DBD Device

The DBD Device is a mobile, battery operated integrated detection device that can be fitted into any trailer with a strong magnetic mount.

The DBD Device is connected to the driver’s smart phone using an encrypted secure WiFi connection. It has multiple sensors to detect unauthorised entry into the trailer and sends an alert/alarm to the driver’s smart phone if the alarm threshold is triggered, and also takes a photo which is date/time stamped as evidence.The IR Camera can take snap-shot images or provide live video streaming direct to the driver’s phone if required and safe to do so i.e when the vehicle is stationary. The DBD Device is controlled by the Device App on the driver’s smart phone and the data produced is uniquely linked to trip logs produced by the DBD App and stored in the DBS Database as evidence.

The DBD Device can be placed remotely into “sleep mode” using the driver’s mobile when not required, for example when driving, which increases battery life to over 100 hrs.   When active, the DBD Device sends alarms to the driver’s phone to alert the driver of a potential problem when sleeping in the cab or when parked near a motel.  The DBD Device settings can be adjusted to match local conditions, load configurations and driver preferences.The DBD Device comes with a 12 month warranty, 2 remote motion sensors, 2 rechargeable batteries and a charging unit and costs €250 per device.

A short video showing the DBD Device being used

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DBS Seal

The DBS Seal is a metal, one-time use, pre-tensioned steel wire rope (SWR) security seal that has a sequential QR code to identify the fleet operator and is unique (not replicable) to that seal in line with the code of practice.

The security seal is designed to be one-time use and is tamper proof, in that, if cut, the SWR will fray meaning that it cannot be glued to deceive the driver during a check.

The DBD App reads the QR code and securely stores the data in the DBS Database as evidence of the check and ensures there is a secure audit trail of security seals being used and not replaced during transit to prevent organised crime.

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DBS Database

The DBS Database is a sterile, protected database to store the data captured from each of the DBD App checks, the DBS Security Seal QR code and DBD Device data.   The database has its own administration system (Fleet Admin Portal) that allows for analysis of data stored, fleet support and evidence of completed checks and compliance with legislation if a driver or the operator is facing penalties.

The security checks uploaded are secure and sterile and therefore if the DBD System has been used correctly the evidence from the database provides the best possible mitigation to prosecution or fines by border authorities.

The database provides evidence and 3rd party assurance of drivers’ compliance with operators security standard operating procedures and can therefore proactively prevent security breaches.

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