Driver Buddy DefenceTM Vehicle Security (DBS) System

The DBS System has 4 key components designed to provide an easy to use, cost effective and reliable security system to protect, detect and deter criminal activity against drivers, vehicles and freight.

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Protect drivers and operators from civil penalties (£2000ea) with an electronic secure record of pre-start checks using a smart phone with DBD App

Detect unauthorised trailer entry with a mobile monitoring device that alerts the driver’s phone, using DBD Device

Deter illegal activity with warning signs, visible security and electronic audit trail, using the DBS System

Secure valuable cargo with a tamper proof security seal and unique sequential QR code to prevent replication, using  DBD Security Seal/e-Lock

Easy to Use with smart phone check lists and user friendly Apps to support drivers’ to maintain full compliance with border authority legislation

Cost Effective as it provides secure evidence to prevent civil penalties (£2000 each) and reduce insurance premiums, using the DBS System

Data protected and secure to provide a sterile 3rd party assured audit trail of completed checks.  Fleet Admin Portal allows operators to analyse data and ensure user compliance, using the DBD Database

Support drivers and their families who need assistance as a direct result of criminal activity targeted at commercial freight transport with the DriverBuddyDefenceTM Charity

DBS System Overview

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