Driver Buddy Defence App is considered to exceed code of practice

The Driver Buddy Defence App when reviewed by UKBF was noted as meeting and exceeding the UK codes of practice. The App which is used by freight drivers to carry out their vehicle checks, encourages drivers to take security more seriously for both themselves and their cargo.

With the App, drivers take photos of their vehicle checks which
are stored in a sterile environment. The photos are date and time stamped with
GPS location information attached to the file, thus giving drivers the ability
to provide UKBF with independently verified evidence showing a complete history
of the checks on the vehicle for the current journey.

As the files and history of checks cannot be manipulated the App ensures drivers abide by the code of practice and, when used correctly, protects drivers from any accusations of collusion in relation to clandestines.

The App also provides freight operators with access to the
photographic evidence and check information via the fleet admin portal to
provide assurance that their drivers are following the code of practice and
with that protection against penalties that would be directed to the
organisation should a clandestine be discovered.  

The App was built in close alignment with both freight organisations and UKBF.

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